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Do Philly students have the books they need?

Smith Academics Plus School

What's here?

Below are textbook inventory records from Smith Academics Plus School. We listed the curriculum this school is most likely using in reading and math. You’ll see the minimum instructional materials (usually a textbook and a workbook) we think would be required to learn this curriculum material effectively.

"No records" means the school doesn’t appear to have the text at all. Cost estimates are based on the District’s negotiated prices. Enrollment data is from 2012-2013. These records represent the best available data; schools may have more or less than you see here.

How to use this tool

It’s tricky to ask if a school has enough books. First, you have to ask how many books are in the school, and then you have to ask if they are the right ones. By "right" we mean the books and materials that are aligned to the curriculum the school is using, the new Common Core educational standards, and the state-mandated Keystone and PSSA exams.

More simply: Do the students have enough books to do their homework as well as their classwork, and do those books cover what's going to be on the standardized tests? If you want to know what it would cost to buy more books, you can calculate below by changing the number in the “materials needed” column.


We didn't find any inventory records at this school that matched an approved curriculum for this subject in this grade. View all inventory records at this school.


Everyday Math

Material Price / Material Recorded Inventory Needed Materials Difference Enough
My First Math Book $10.92 No records found -59 -1
Math at Home Books (Set of 4) $10.92 No records found -59 -1

It would cost $1,288.56 to purchase the 118 missing materials listed above for the students in grade K at Smith Academics Plus School.

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