Stacked Up

Do Philly students have the books they need?

By Meredith Broussard, Pam Selle, and Jeff Frankl

Most people would be surprised at the idea that a public school wouldn't have enough books. In Philadelphia, however, students and parents regularly complain of textbook shortages.

As Philly schools prepare to open in fall of 2013 with limited staff and severely restricted budgets, this chronic issue is bound to surface again. This time, we're opening up the District's (admittedly flawed) records to ask: Do public school children have all of the materials they require to succeed academically?

Stacked Up is a tool that parents and concerned citizens can use to check the book records at neighborhood schools and make sure that each school has all of its required instructional materials before school resumes in the fall.

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Check the number of books in your neighborhood school

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This tool relies on public data. School names and types came from Open Data Philly. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction provided its records for which books were available at which schools as well as the number of students in each grade. Textbook prices and curriculum standards came from the School District of Philadelphia's website.
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